And the winner is… South Fremantle Senior High School

On Friday evening the United Nations Society of Australia held their presentation night in Melbourne for World Environment Day Sustainability Awards.  South Fremantle Senior High School (SFSHS) were the only organisation to be finalists in three categories and they won the Sustainability Leadership Award for Small and medium Organisation outright.  They took on Australia’s best and won, which puts SFSHS out there as an Australian sustainability Leader.

Their award was in recognition of the schools commitment to become the first carbon neutral school in Australia and their work done in reducing their carbon emissions and helping their students to live sustainably.  The application is due to be approved by the Federal Government’s National Carbon Offset Scheme (NCOS) any day now.

SFSHS you are champions and have forged your place in sustainable education, something you and the whole of Fremantle should be very proud of.  Special recognition must go to the school principle, Geri Hardy, the school’s sustainability officer, Kathy Anketell and driving forces Peter and Jan Newman.

Well done!

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