I am, and have always been a fan of FotoFreo, and I admire Bob Hewett for all his work and inspiration he dedicates to it.  It is people like Bob who make Fremantle so special.

This year I have been deeply moved by Raghu Rai’s My India at the Maritime Museum, I went to the Fremantle arts Centre and admired Salt by Murray Frederick who has perfected the study of horizon and perspective.  I felt the music in Alma Sarhan’s Melodic Tapestry showing at Kulcha and loved the outback images at the Brooker Gallery.  I am looking forward to visiting Ellie Brusasco’s Pause in Cuba at San Churro Café and Alastair McNaughton’s Shacks in Greg James’s Studio.

But none of this prepared me for what I was to experience at Midland Atelier; the exhibition is F-ing monstrous, with work from over 60 photographers.  Stunning image after stunning image.  If your only photographic experience it taking family snaps, go and see it, you will not regret it.  If like me you enjoy photography, take the whole day off work and get to see it, it is a life changing experience.  The old Midland workshops are a short walk from Midland train station so forget the car.  FORM have really pulled their finger out on this one.  It’s only open from Thursday’s to Saturday’s till 15th April 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Do it, it will change your life.

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One Response to FotoFreo

  1. freoview says:

    There is some outstanding photography at FotoFreo 2012. Raghu Rai, Martin Parr at the Maritime Museum, Murray Fredricks at the Art Centre, Kevnin Cook at the Buffalo Club and all those photos at the Midland Workshops.

    Well done to the organisors and the many volunteers who make it possible!

    Roel Loopers

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