Fremantle Society AGM

My last duty as Fremantle Society President was to chair the AGM last night on the first day of summer.  The evening went very well with one exception.

My best wishes to our new President, Roel Loopers and the new committee and wish them well in the year ahead.  I hope they will feel able to call me if they feel I can help, either as a Councillor or former President.

The evening was unfortunately marred by an outburst from a member attacking our guest speaker during question time.  This was totally inappropriate and was sure to cause offence.  I hope she can find it in her heart to publicly appologise to Stuart.  I also believe it reflects badly on the Society and will put our work back significantly.

As chair of the meeting I unreservedly apologise to Stuart, who as our guest deserved treating with respect.  On a personal basis it has left a disappointing departing memory of my term as President of the Fremantle Society.

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4 Responses to Fremantle Society AGM

  1. Ian Alexander says:

    OK, an outburst is an outburst, that’s unfortunate, especially if it was offensive. But what was the person’s point? Why was she attacking Stuart. or was she simply disagreeing with his message? What was his message and was it well received in general?

  2. Ron Davidson says:

    A belated comment: Bullshit Jon. Anna only said what a lot of us were thinking. Stuart’s presentation was a waste of our time. It is worth noting that Anna’s strong comment was greeted with applause from a number in the audience. And we will never find out what happened to Ian Alexander’s comment he meant to be read at the meeting. We are in danger of becoming a collection of wusses rather than Fremantle activists.

    Ron Davidson

    • jonstrachan says:

      Ron, irespective of what you thought of the presentation there is no excuse for extreme rudeness and personal attacks, far from showing strength is shows a lack of character and self-esteem. On the other hand dignity shows true strength.

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