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Moves by the Australian Government to sanction the selling of our uranium to India is a serious move indeed, and putting it on the agenda for the Labor Part Conference sends a strong message the PM expects to succeed.  Already Pakistan has asked that the same rights be given to them, will that be the next item on the agenda?

Uranium is a very dangerous substance in the hands of those with the technology to enrich it, for this reason the global community has in place the ‘Nuclear nonproliferation Treaty’ which very few nations have refused to sign, North Korea, Pakistan and India being the main ones.  This treaty is simply a mechanism for reducing the proliferation of nuclear weapons, it has nothing to do with uranium for power.  importantly it is a way a way a country can show its abhorrence of nuclear weapons and its intentions to reduce their own arsenal, something India refuses to do.

India has a long running conflict with Pakistan that is now based on the ‘nuclear detract’ should that ever escalate the lives of millions would be put at risk.  It is absurd to contemplate selling uranium to a country engaged in a nuclear weapons stand-off, while at the same time refusing to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Martin Ferguson says we should sell the uranium so india can produce enough electricity for them to enjoy the same lifestyles as us here in Australia.  This is pure magic pudding politics, which bit of we would need 3+ planets if all world citizens were to enjoy our extravagant lifestyle does he not get.  I suspect the agenda is all about digging up and exporting as much of Australia as possible in the shortest time to support that other magic pudding Sustainable Growth.

Exporting uranium is a dangerous business, do not export it to nations who are not prepared to make a commitment to restricting their use of uranium to peaceful purposes.

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