Henderson Street Cottages

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While on one side of Henderson Street is the new ROA mural the other side is less than attractive.  The old Warder’s Cottages are a disgrace.  They were suffering neglect from the Department of Housing and Works, but worse still the tenants were given notice to quit and security fencing erected.  These terraces of high heritage value are in the heart of our city.  No amount of Scheme Amendments can compensate for the negative effect such social and cultural vandalism creates.  It is a matter of extreme urgency for the Department to grasp the nettle and find the funding to repair the damage done while these homes were in their care and then see they are put to good use.

Adaptive reuse could see them used as unique tourist accommodation, something Fremantle is desperately short of, or artist in residence studios, or starter offices, or low-cost housing, the list goes on, the main thing is that they are seen as an asset, not as the Department does as a liability.  Cities rise and fall on the smallest of triggers, leaving these historic cottages empty and fenced off will inflict untold damage on Fremantle’s reputation and vibrancy.

The current Review of the WA Heritage Act is considering including clauses to prevent demolition by neglect and to make government departments subject to the Acts provisions.  The state of these cottages demonstrates why this review is long overdue.

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3 Responses to Henderson Street Cottages

  1. denisef says:

    The old warders apartments in Henderson Street need to be refurbished by the department of housing and rented out once again, we need to see life in them again not something posh , high end and closed on the weekend. Always such a shame when the government gets these precious buildings in their grip. I hope their plan is not to let the terrace apartments rot , then declare they must be pulled down to make way for the the corporates with money of vague overpriced galleries. what are they waiting for.

    • jonstrachan says:

      Fremantle Council is being proactive. On 7-12-11 PSC passed a motion to support strata titleing the cottages, after urgent remedial work has been completed in the hope they can be sold individually, all we need now is the Dept of Housing to come to the party.

  2. cathy says:

    one to keep you eye on, cathy

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