Road2Rail Meeting

Closing down the Wheatbelt Rail Lines makes no sense, but that is what the Minister for Transport intends to do. Come along to a Public Meeting in Fremantle Council Chamber on Thursday 10th November at 6:30pm and hear about the implications for the wheatbelt and Fremantle.

Speakers include Jane Fuschsbichler from the WA Grain Rail Alliance, Mayor Brad Pettitt, Cr Sam Wainwright and Fremantle’s Road2Rail spokesperson Barry Healy.

The Wheatbelt Railway Retention Alliance has an important story to tell, and Fremantle residents need to hear it.  On 1st July three regional grain lines (Tier 3 Lines) were closed.  On 1st September Minister Buswell announced a possible one year extension to Tier 3 Lines, but the money failed to appear.  Transporting 12 million tonnes of grain by road with make regional roads death traps and substantially increase truck numbers on metropolitan roads.  So this will impact on you

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