Politics anyone?

There was a smorgasbord of politics in Fremantle this evening.  A Planning Committee meeting at Council,  a public protest on State Gov. decision to adopt Option 4 for High Street upgrade,  Politics in the Pub at Rosie O’Grady’s and the Big Issues at UNDA Tannock Hall went head to head.

I took High Street protest and Big Issues options not expecting the odd juxtaposition that ensued.  In my opinion building bigger roads is a very bad way of solving traffic issues, I also wanted to voice my support for Crs Wainwright and Wilson rejecting the way the Minister has handled this matter.  Attendees at August launch of the Road to Rail campaign will know I support this cause, a core aspect as presented by George Crisp was the danger of particulate pollution to which we will return later.

Big Issues,  a political forum hosted by UNDA Labor Club, supported by Oxfam followed the familiar panel forum.  The topic, Climate Change, focussed on pricing carbon.  Panelists were UNDA academic Dr Michael O’Leary, Dennis Jensen (Liberal), Scott Ludlum (Greens) and Melissa Parke (Labor).   Dr O’Leary gave a concise overview on the science of climate change and the risk of feedback loops liberating CO2 from the oceans.  Dennis Jensen said he did not believe in anthropogenic climate change but supported Tony Abbot’s direct action plan.  Melissa Parke believes in anthropogenic climate change, that Australia has a responsibility to act on carbon emissions as one of the highest per capita emitters and that those at greatest risk are the poor and disadvantaged.  She advocated a price on carbon as the most efficient way to reduce emissions.   Scott Ludlam is  very well informed and passionate about addressing climate change.  In-depth debate and questions to the panelist covered the issues well.

Returning to the juxtaposition,  the State Liberal Party supports trucking freight on road and, as mentioned, grave community concern exists regarding particulate pollution, so you could have knocked me over with a blast of exhaust smoke when Dennis Jensen criticised the Federal Labor Party for focusing on carbon pollution instead of particulate pollution from smokestacks and diesel engines.  Ah, that’s politics in Fremantle!

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