Fremantle Council Elections

At the close of nomination for Fremantle Council elections 3 Wards will have elections.  City Ward; Michael Swanepole, Ivan Dzeba and Rachel Pemberton are on ballot, East Ward; Steve Boni and Ingrid Waltham are on the ballot and Beaconsfield Ward; David Hume and Georgie Adeane are on the ballot.  Bill Massie retained Hilton unchallenged as did Robert Fittock in North Ward.

My nomination for South Ward was unchallenged and now I look forward to again representing the Ward on Council.  If anyone has any issues they wish to discuss I will be happy to do so, just let me know.  As a result I will not be re-nominating for the Presidency of the Fremantle Society at the AGM on 1st December.

I offer my best wishes to nominees who are up for election and look forward to working with the successful candidates.

The results will be announced on Saturday 15th October and swearing in on the following Wednesday, after which the real work will begin!

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