South Ward Nomination

I am Nominating for Councillor for South Ward Fremantle in the October Council Elections.

Fremantle faces major challenges into the future.  Council’s current proposals for Fremantle are the most significant changes in decades and whilst I firmly believe change is necessary, getting it right is essential.  It is vital that development pressures are balanced with Community aspirations, for those outcomes to work.  I have both the experience and the independence to enable all voices to be represented at this important juncture.  I am committed to ensuring that Fremantle continues as a place of consequence for the future as a result of these changes.

Fremantle has so much to offer in these times of global downturn, our waterfront and port, our embedded cultural and built heritage, our City cafe and bar lifestyle, our resilient business sector and our creative community.  These strengths, however, require  promoting and sustaining for the Fremantle we love to prosper into the future.

Local government (LG) faces major challenges right now.  LG Minister Castrilli has put Councils on notice that a re-elected Liberal State Government will introduce forced
amalgamations for those Councils not doing it voluntarily.  Fremantle needs strong representation during these negotiations to prevent our City being swamped by the amalgamation process.  My experience with WALGA (Western Australian Local Government Association) and the Expert’s Forum on Constitutional Recognition
for LG has strengthen my personal resolve to strive for the delivery of appropriate outcomes for Fremantle at this crossroads.

I know the Council workload well, I will commit time and energy to that load and will
continue previous work to build resilience into the Fremantle community.

Completing a Masters in Sustainability and Planning this year at Curtin University’s
Fremantle campus I will bring to Council the benefit of international focus on
local adaptability in a changing world.

I know the South Ward community are special, I live work and play here and will continue to represent its values and aspirations into the future.

I chose Fremantle 30 years ago; I know Fremantle intimately and am committed to
building on her strengths.  After a term on Council I know the Local Government bureaucracy and how to achieve results.  I understand the significant challenges
for Fremantle into the future and am ready and prepared to take them on.

[I have had to repost this item due to some unauthorised advertisements  being linked to the original post.]

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