In The Garden

Deckchair’s Umbrella Program is presenting  “In the Garden” by Anna Houston, at Victoria Hall.

Photograph of Jo Morris playing Violet taken by  Kira Karavaytseva.   

This is a multilayered story examining identity, relationships, death and sex.  Like a jigsaw, the first half presents the audience with pieces that do not start to give away the whole picture, its only in the second half these pieces come together.  Its success relies on maintaining a fine balance in time and place, brought off by Director Michelle Sowden and actors, Jo Morris, Shirley Van Sanden, George Gayler, Robert Hensley, Nick Candy and Andy Blaikie.   With the actors taking to their parts so convincingly, I wonder how they break away from the strong emotions at the end of the show, when it’s time to go home.  Or as someone said to me after the performance “If I see that Andy Blaikie in the supermarket I’ll bash his leg with my trolley” having been totally taken in by the far from likable character he plays.  Congratulations to the cast and crew on a great night of theatre.  There is a health warning, this play contains scenes which include smoking.  It’s on until 30th July, for bookings call 1300 314 151 or visit 

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