Fail for UNDA

The decision by University of Notre Dame in Fremantle (UNDA) to allow Lord Christopher Monckton to give the Lang Hancock Lecture is reprehensible and puts the University’s academic integrity under threat.  I agree with University of Western Australia’s VC, Prof Alan Robson when he says “I find his (Monckton) anti-science stance and related comments offensive”.  UNDA Dean of Business, Chris Doepel defends the decision on the grounds of Academic freedom!  Monckton is not an academic and importantly has made a career out of attacking peer-reviewed science, scientists and academics, something any university should distance themselves from.  If it were merely a matter of free speech, as Wollongong University’s Prof Brian Martin claims I would be the first to defend  Monckton’s   right to speak, he is wrong about climate change, but has the right to put that case.  However the reason UNDA should never have agreed to invite Monckton to speak is because of his attacks on academic integrity.  Academic integrity is something a University should be ready to defend at all costs and if the word on the street that Gina Reinhart made UNDA funding conditional on Monckton appearing were to be true, then that would amount to an academic integrity double jeopardy.  Well done Natalie Latter for getting some academics to stand up for what they believe in.  Poorly done UNDA.

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