Petitions are us

Let’s get this right, Garry Humphries, Liberal Senator for the ACT tabled a “petition” in Parliament requesting a ’10 year moratorium on Muslim immigration’ from 3 people in NSW in the name of free speech!  Now I’m all for free speech so I will not go into the offensive nature of the petition, however I will comment on the lunacy of tabling a petition signed by 3 people outside the Senator’s state.  Here in little old Fremantle we consider a petition should have more than 50 signatures to warrant being tabled at Council, otherwise it amounts to wasting Councillor’s time.

It’s good to know if you have an idea you wish to bring to the Federal Senate’s attention there is one person who will table a petition, all you need are 2 other people to sign it.  If you are looking for ideas maybe a petition on introducing a carbon tax, or one on releasing refugees held in detention, just send it to Senator Humphries.

Come on Senator, stop wasting Parliaments time and giving free speech a bad name.

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One Response to Petitions are us

  1. freoview says:

    Garry Humphries is obviouly one of the redneck brigade and close to Pauline Hanson supporters.

    What about a moratorium on all religion immigration? Why Muslims only? What about fanatic Christian fundamentalists, etc.

    What a waste of time!!

    Roel Loopers

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