Heritage Festival

The Fremantle History society and the Fremantle society are as one in not supporting the amalgamation of the Fremantle Heritage Festival with the Fremantle festival.  Both societies have played a very active role in previous Heritage Festivals and hope to do so in the future.  Your headline “Reece a lone voice against festival plan” (Page 11 Herald 12-2-11) could not be further from the truth, there is very strong community support for a dedicated Heritage Festival from our memberships and the community at large.

Your report quotes the chair of the Cultural Development Working Group as saying the Heritage Festival is untenable and has never lined up with National Heritage week.  Can we inform your readers these 2 comments are incorrect.  Far from being untenable, the Heritage Festival is very secure both socially and financially and if supported by Council has a very sustainable future.  This year’s National Heritage Week (14 to 20 April) is a new initiative of the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities and has never been run before.  The Fremantle Society approached the City with a request to stage the Fremantle Heritage Festival in National heritage Week, but was refused, due to being too close to the Buskers Festival.  It’s this lack basic knowledge with the decision makers as they decide on the future of the Heritage Festival that concerns our Societies greatly.

The Fremantle Heritage Festival is a special event that celebrates Fremantle’s unique history and story.  It is enjoyed by many people and has a great future, either in May or preferably in National Heritage Week, the concept of amalgamating it with the Fremantle Festival is untenable and should be abandoned.

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