Fremantle Wind Farm

I have long been a supporter of locating a wind farm on Rous Head.  3 years ago I made the serious threat to resign from Council if the time extension to the planning approval did not get up, it passed by one vote!  unfortunately commercial realities meant it was never built, that’s why I am happy the Fremantle Windfarm proposal has gained a second wind.

Rous Head is an ideal location, the turbines will see good strong clean wind with virtually no turbulence.  They will add to the industrial landscape of containers and cranes, we live in a Port City, we should celebrate its industrial appeal.

We pride ourselves that Fremantle is sustainable, what better icon of that pride could there be.  I can’t wait for the day when driving down the Stirling Highway home I not only see the familiar container cranes, but wind turbines as well, that will tell me I am almost home.

Large centralised power generation is a thing of the past, multiple medium-sized generators make much more sense, especially when they are located close to the large consumers, such as Fremantle Ports.  Wester Power/Verve Energy have had a stranglehold on us for too long, charging domestic customers 26.37 cents per unit for green power, while paying only 7 cents per unit to people who feed into the grid.  Come on Freo get right behind this proposal and hopefully this time there will be enough support for it to go ahead.

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One Response to Fremantle Wind Farm

  1. freoview says:

    I agree with those sentiments, Jon!

    Roel Loopers

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