A Little Hotel

Little Creatures have an application in for a Little Hotel at their Mews Road brewery.  It embodies an innovative design that wraps around the north-western end of the current buildings.  Forget the idea of a box with rooms; this is more of a lamination on the existing structures.  There is no ground floor as such to the hotel, other than reception, this will allow maximum public access to the ground floor piazza area.

Sustainability will be the catchword, with roof mounted solar water and PV, tri-gen power, heating and cooling in association with the brewery and water harvesting.  They are proposing no car-parking bays for guests; alternatively they want bicycle parking, with bicycles, electric cars and smart cars for guest use.

LC seem to have a way with dealing with issues in Fremantle, firstly they saved us from the horror that was the crocodile farm to give us a multi-award winning brewery and bar, then they saved us from a litany of anti-social behaviour from Zanzibar by turning it into the Loft.  Now they are offering a small, boutique hotel to address our accommodation woes.  They are to be congratulated on what looks like another bonus for Fremantle, and Spaceagency are to be congratulated for the innovative architectural design proposal.

Plans can be viewed at Fremantle Council S&I desk, there will be a presentation of plans in the Council Reception room from 6:00pm, Thursday 3rd Feb and submissions can be lodged until 16th Feb.

Fremantle what do you think of this proposal?  Let me or the Fremantle Society know.

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One Response to A Little Hotel

  1. roel loopers says:

    It sounds like an exciting idea to me, Jon. Fremantle desperately needs good accommodation and innovative design and buildings. The location is great, as are the operators of Little Creatures.; a very professional group of people.

    I am all for it.


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