Fremantle Society Presidency

I was honoured to be nominated for the position of President of the Fremantle society, an offer I am delighted to accept.  As I understand it there is one other contender in Lloyd Hammond so there will be a vote of members at the AGM to be held at the Santa Maria lecture theatre in the University of Notre Dame on Monday 6th December.  This is the first time in the Society’s history that there has been a vote for President, reflecting the efforts of retiring President Ian Alexander, in giving the Society a new community profile.

  •  I have been an active member of the Society for a decade and in that time have edited and submitted to the Society’s News Letter, lobbied on behalf of the Society, assisted the Society with its nomination of Fremantle Harbour for Federal Heritage listing and assisted with the Society’s functions such as the recent ‘Fighting for Fremantle’ book launch.
  • I have experience in running community campaigns and a track record for advocating for Fremantle’s Heritage while on Fremantle Council.  This includes a protracted process in opposing plans for a ‘box’ shopping centre on Victoria Quay by Fremantle Ports and ING.
  • I assisted my partner Cathy Hall, when she was President several years ago, so understand the workload and commitment involved and have shared in the joys and disappointments of Society life.  I understand the DNA of the Society, which will greatly assist me in charting the future for this important lobby group.
  • My experience with Heritage, Planning and Fremantle Council gives me the skills to ensure the Society’s submissions have the most impact with Council, Government and Media.
  • I was involved in the Fremantle Council’s role in the successful nomination of Fremantle Prison for World Heritage listing.
  • My flexible work commitment means I can attend meeting during the day and have the time to fulfil the role to its full potential.

 I urge all members to come along to the AGM so they can have a say in who their new President will be and an opportunity to thank outgoing President Ian Alexander for the excellent work he has done.  Please go to the Friends tab for a link to the Fremantle Society webpage.

Regards   Jon

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