Feed-in Tariff

For those of you who read the Fremantle Herald you may recall a piece last week regarding feed-in tariff changes.  I have had several calls about this by people equally as unhappy as myself.

Basically the State Government have allowed Synergy/Verve energy to reduce the amount they pay homeowners with PV for the power they put back into the grid.  It used to be between 13 cents and 29 cents per unit, it is now reduced to 7 cents.  The taxpayer is then topping this up with an additional 40 cents  .  Yes people who feed the grid will be better off, but the real winners are Synergy/Verve who now buy power at 7 cents and sell it for up to 30 cents, not a bad business eh!  What this does is to lock in 7 cents as the “Fair and reasonable” amount to pay for power put back into the grid, which will stifle to growth of renewables in WA.

As I said I have had several calls, some ask if there is a group of concerned citizens doing anything about this?  Well, nows your chance, if I get enough responses we can act, so let me know what you think.

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3 Responses to Feed-in Tariff

  1. Norm Holtzman says:


    I agree. It is no wonder people get dissuaded from installing PVs. It is because of the confusing and ever changing policies created by both Federal and State Governments, and corporations such as Synergy and Verve taking advantage of so called “handouts” by the Government. I can’t believe how much the situation has changed in 18 months. As you have said, the big winners are Synergy and Verve. They have not taken into account the engineering and cost benefits from having local small scale power generators in local areas contributing to considerable savings to them. Big deal that we “should be able to pay off our investment in a PV system within ten years”. With the record of both governments this could very well change, even in the next year. I will support any action you think worthwhile.

    • jonstrachan says:

      Thanks for your comments Norm, I totally agree. I have just walked in from a study day looking at how electric cars can integrate into the grid. Australia is the only OECD country to not be supporting this with grants, its an ideal oportunity to redirect our ailing car industry into a product for the future, BUT with giant generating dinasours controloing the grid!!!!!

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